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New Costa Rica Corporate Yearly Tax starting on Sept 1, 2017


    Costa Rican government finally enacted a new law creating the company yearly tax again. Such law was published on March 22, 2017, but it has a provision for the Executive Branch to publish an additional regulation defining the procedures to collect the new tax and update corporation´s data in Tax Department.

    Because the regulation has been published, the new tax period started on Sept 1, 2017. Therefore, according to the law, to avoid fines and interests, the tax corresponding to the period from Sept 1, 2017 to December 31, 2017, must be paid on or before Sept 30, 2017.

    From 2018 and so on, each tax period will starts on January 1 and will end on Dec 31 of each year; and the tax must be paid on January of every year.

    Now, the tricky part is that paying the tax is not the only obligation created by the law and the regulation. All corporations are obligated to update the company data in tax Department within certain period of time in order to avoid fines. Such update must be done according to the following table, based on the final digit of the respective Corporate ID (“Cedula Jurídica”):

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