I will email you the instructions for the deposit for the road association tomorrow. Muchas Gracias for all your help to me and my family. You help to make my life very easy! If you ever need a recommendation to another client, I would be honored to do that for you. Sincerely, Bill


    E&T have assisted us in several transactions this past year and I have been extremely pleased with their professionalism and due diligence to detail. From the onset we felt that these people know what their doing and they quickly gained our confidence and trust. The team at E&T are exceptional in all regard and a real compliment to Costa Rica. 


    It gives me great comfort to have you as the buyers rep.  The sales process is arduous and requires committed professionals to see it through.  You are the BEST.  I am very comfortable that you with E&T will make the process go smoothly for all parties.  My very best 

    Martha Vellano

    I have been using your services for the last 2 years. E & T has been extremely thorough and accurate in handling all my monthly expenses. This includes all my households expenses as well as my employee´s, salary and social security payments. E & T employs are very helpfull, courteous and responsive when i call or visit. Your compnay is now entrusted with handling the funds fir the sale of my house  and I appreciate their inmediate attention for all my matters, small or large. I am happy to recommend the service of this Escrow Company.


    To whom it may concern -especially the bossperson CC:)!- , I have done business for over 45 years in the US and Europe,always putting customer service as a priority! The people working in your office are incredible! Always curtious, quick with help when needed and responsive! It makes building not speaking the  language- which was a huge concern- efficient and without stress.  Thank you,thank you,thank you for having such a great staff! Firstly Ms. Lizeth,but also  Katy Figueroa and Mr.Roy Quesada! It’s not just a pleasure but a privilege to do business with you. Just thought you should know. Best regards PeterK 

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